About us

The company Vortex Trade Ltd. Is specialized in total and partial sandblast treatment – cleaning and blasting, hydro blasting, hydro-sand blasting with abrasers of different hardness and type, by means of which all kinds of details, mechanisms, sophisticated structure sand shells/housings of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and steel, are processed-blasted. Blasting-sand blasting is applied to all kinds of concrete and wooden surfaces, such as slabs, walls, ceilings and columns. In this way not only the surfaces are cleaned and the unwanted particles are removed, but also any subsequent treatment and protection are optimized, and in many cases a decorative effect is achieved.

In addition to their application in a branding metals, we would like to draw Your attention to the other applications of the sand blasting technology and blasting. In the production of parts and pieces, structures, floors, and so on, of wood, sand blasting yields a unique effect of natural aging of the material, making the veins of the wooden material really stand out. By sandblasting, all and any previous paints, coatings and buildup are removed from the wooden surface.
The processing of concrete, facades of buildings, granite and stone cladding and tiling, is also part of the versatile usage of blasting. The removal of graffiti and buildup is an entirely achievable effect.